Music Placement

We’ve placed client’s music in TV shows and commercials and we’d like to help you too!

EPK/Website Design

Get the perfect introduction to any industry professional by having an impressive EPK designed professionally or Let’s make your marketing materials stand out!


From press releases, blog placement, and interviews to getting your single copyrighted, published on streaming platforms, and sounding professional - we have the team to help!

Logo Creation/Cover Design

Brand yourself with a logo that’s uniform on all platforms and marketing materials! Or let us design your next cover art. 

Publishing Admin

We’ll take care of copyrights, performance right organizations, and monetization. You focus on the music!

More Services

Our additional services include but are not limited to: Press Photo shoots, Professional Biography, and Blog Pushing. 






Paytra Publishing was founded in 2016 by artist Paytra as a way to independently release her music without people taking control over her career. Now a multi-dimensional company based in New York and Los Angeles, we provide services for artists who don’t want to sign a percentage to a manager or label just yet.


We like to call ourselves “administrators,” taking on the role of getting a single or album released by providing the proper marketing tools, blog list submissions, contacts, and consultation while putting the artist in the driving seat. We offer many services to help brand you and grow your fanbase, but we believe the artist should be in control. Whether you need a song written and published, need help guiding your first single release, or want your music repertoire placed in TV and film, Paytra Publishing works hard to grow their clients’ careers with integrity.



Artists should get paid! As an artist herself, Paytra knows the work that goes into perfecting a craft, and the artist deserves to retain a high percentage of their music. We win if the artist wins, and there’s no catch!


Artists should control their brand. We aren’t a management company, and we don’t want to tell you what to create. We merely provide artists with the services they need, place great music in TV and Film, and guide our clients towards the right connections we know and trust.


Quality is much more important than quantity. We only take the best, and we push our clients to deliver great content. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced artist, we ensure your material is marketable and has the potential to be placed.


Integrity is the only way to do business. Artist’s are constantly bombarded with people who take advantage of them and their money. At Paytra Publishing, we believe the only way to succeed is to do so with integrity. We want the best for our clients.


Why should you choose us? Big companies can be difficult to contact and distant. Paytra Publishing wants to have easy access with their clients. We work hard to be more than just an administrator, but also promote our clients' music to blogs, interviews, and sync licensing.



“Paytra Gessler is super talented songwriter, singer and musician. She is a firecracker in the nicest sense and full of energy and life. Paytra is super professional, but a natural at being herself on set  and performing. She was an inspiration to our fashion advertising story.”


-Ray Murray, Creative Director of Kipling



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